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Enhancing Your Language Skills

Heide’s teaching distilled a passion for German language and culture more broadly in my final year of my German studies degree. I got to understand beyond the literary theory in Heide’s classes and really see how the taught content was applicable to everyday life. I am now completing a disability studies/social policy PhD. My German language and cultural knowledge has stood me in good stead academically and being able to liaise with German academics in my field and similar fields.


Researcher and PhD Candidate, Tizard Centre University of Kent

Heide has helped me to achieve my personal best. Not only is she an experienced and knowledgeable lecturer who made the German modules practical to real life but also enjoyable. She genuinely cares about her students and always encourages them to achieve better. Thank you for all your help and support!


Technical Operations, Bloomberg

I can help with...


…your company’s or institution’s onboarding process for expats and their families in the German-speaking context and provide support with your strategy.

intercultural training in English for your  international employees so they thrive in a German-speaking work environment.

…improving your workforce’s German language skills (all levels A1 – C2) and with exam-preparation for standard language certifcates (Goethe Institute, Austrian Language Diploma).

creating or editing high-quality German content fast, reliable and specific to your requirements.



Intercultural Training

Support with devising intercultural communication strategies and defining expectations.

I offer intercultural awareness training and language and culture ‘briefing packages’ for professionals to enhance their ‘German’ experience and communicative competence.

I also offer onboarding support for your international members of staff and their families in their new German-speaking context (incl. intercultural and language briefings, cultural coaching upon arrival and networking).


Talks and Workshops

Business is done in context. In my talks and briefing sessions I provide you and your clients with political, historical and cultural insights into the business environment of German-speaking countries.

Topics can be adapted to the industry-specifc context at the length of your choice (from bite-sized 10-minute lectures to 50 min talks).


Supporting HR with Pre- and Onboarding of international talent

Customised support for HR teams with the onboarding of your new international staff and their spouses. Modular ‘Welcome packages’ tailored to your sector in English, on- and offline. Personal support with German language and Austrian culture mediation for your new members of staff. Contact me for information and a quote.


Enhancing your language skills

Tailored German Language Support for all Levels (A1 – C2) in the general or business and research context.

1:1 or group language teaching for professionals, working on the vocabulary, negotiation and communications skills and material that are most relevant to your business.

Preparation for German standard language accreditation exams (Goethe Institute, Austrian Language Diploma).

I have nothing but positive things to say about her and her teaching. Heide’s approach to teaching is friendly, consistent and deeply rooted in her knowledge of both German language and culture of German-speaking countries. Her passion and knowledge always shone through.

Vikki B.

Teacher, Leigh Academies Trust

I learnt a lot about the German language from Heide during the time she taught me. But I also learnt a lot about being confident in my own abilities and the skills to continue my studies independently. I always felt at ease practicing German with Heide. She always had the time to help with anything that I needed, was patient and overall a pleasure to work with.

Mollie J.

Trainee Merchandiser, DCK

Before and after the relocation, it is particularly important for our international employees to find support for administrative or everyday challenges in their new home country. With her empathetic nature and profound knowledge, Heide manages to reduce fears and create confidence – be it by finding the right school for the child and supporting alignments with the headmistress or simply by finding the right supermarket with groceries from the home country. Thanks to the great support our employees feel home after a couple of weeks and – also with the awesome assistance of Heide – learn German with fun and passion.

Sabine K.

Global Operations Manager, concircle




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